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Education Guide Sri Lanka


The objective of publishing the ‘Education Guide Sri Lanka’ as a business venture is to provide all the available information on institutes, service providers and persons engaged in educational services. With years of experience in compiling information guides, we published the first edition of Education Guide in 2006. 

The content of the Education Guide includes the following details:

  • Information on Government Educational and Training Institutes including Universities.
  • Information on Private Education and Training Institutes
  • Information on selected Overseas Universities
  • Provide the opportunity for Institutes, service providers and persons engaged in education and training services to promote themselves to the target groups by way of detailed listings and advertisements in Education Guide book and the web site..

Target Market

  • Students who seek the opportunity for higher education other than National Universities.
  • Students who wish to follow the private education stream from primary education onward.
  • Students who get through the GCE O/L, and seek higher education in different disciplines.
  • Students who wish to follow training courses in different disciplines.
  • Employed personnel who wish to obtain higher/further qualifications.

Marketing Plan

  • The publication is being sold through all major bookshops and existing distribution channels.
  • Free Display Copies will be made available to:-

All National Schools in Sri Lanka
All Reputed International Schools in Western Province

  • Sold at the Colombo International Book Fair in the month of September.
  • Sold through online book stores
  • Direct sales from the office


  • Over 4000 books are sold each year including over 700 books free distribution.

Other Publications

  • ‘Hands-on-Colombo’ - One of a kind Consumer Information guide providing information of suppliers for goods & services available in Colombo and the suburbs. The 12th edition is being updated in view of publishing in May 2010.
  • ‘Info - Travel Sri Lanka’ - comprehensive Travel Guide giving information to tourists both local and foreign on important places of interest, accommodation details, travel hints, road descriptions, linear road maps, etc.  The 6th edition is bein updated in view of publishing in September 2010.
  • ‘Sri Lanka for Kids’ – was launched in the year December 2004, a Guide book for Kids and Parents. It gives information on what is available for children in the country, such as education, sports, entertainment, shopping etc
  • ‘Motor Guide’ -  The 1st  edition was published in September 2008.

Aeronautics, Aviation and Marine         

aac   aspire


Computer and Information Technology



Creative and Visual Arts

accademyofdesign raffles


Engineering and Technology



International Schools and Private English Medium Schools

abc osc shippingstonemontisory


Management Business and Marketing

apiit britishcollegeofappliedstudies cinec edexcel metropolitoncollege pathe


Overseaseducational Institutes and Representatives



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